A little bit of context 

Respaces was born early 2020 when the founders Jeanna and Oskar came to two insights. There are so much great but unused spaces in offices, hotels and restaurants. At the same time, it’s hard to find and book productive, inspiring and affordable workspaces without any strings attached.

What we do

Respaces is a two-sided online marketplace for flexible workspaces. At Respaces (just like Airbnb), partners like you can list and rent out unused spaces and customers book them as flexible workspaces. 

By gathering unused spaces and cater a frictionless online experience  companies and workers can access and book inspiring, productive and affordable workspaces – for every occasion, by the hour, day or month. Never any strings attached.

Our vision

Bring everyday life quality to people.

We believe in

A Modern lifestyle where people are trusted and can customise everyday to their needs.

Sustainability means to take care and use the resources we have.

Inspiration is key for productivity.